With the establishment of the company Pinkert Machines - MALIMO in September 2012, a new chapter in the company's history began. The company is represented by the son of the founder, Mr. René Pinkert.

As a logical continuation of the chosen concentration and reorientation in 2011 of the group Pinkert Machines both companies went together in May 2013 under one roof at the new location in Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

The production program of Pinkert Machines - MALIMO includes the complete range of stitch-bonding machines for the production of non-woven processing. The types of machines offered range from MALIVLIES, MALIWATT to KUNIT - MULTIKNIT.

In cooperation of both companies develop and construct special modifications to textile and special machines for wide range of applications and prototypes.

The pooling of expertise, know-how and resources in one location offers tremendous potential for the future development and production of textile and special machines of the latest technology for customers' highest standards.